Consular Staff

Ask Us. We are ready to deliver service.

Ambassador Geoffrey Teneilabe
Consul-General, Ext 50

D.O Falowo
Consul (Econ/Trade and Investment), Ext 23

Mr. Anderson N. Madubike
Consul (Info & Econs II), Ext 33

Mr. Dele Momoh
Consul (Consular & Nigerian Organizations), Ext 28

Joseph Gargadi

Consul (Political, Information, Culture & Education), Ext 25
Phoebe U. Alozie

Consul (Head of Chancery), Ext 65

Mrs Blessing M. Agbabokha
Vice-Consul (Finance & Accounts) 
, Ext 27

Ms. Rahila Bala
Vice Consul (Protocol & Administration ) 
, Ext 33

Mrs. Angela O. Esekhaigbe
Vice Consul I (Immigration ) 
, Ext 45

Mrs. M. J. Nwosu
Vice Consul II (Immigration ) 
, Ext 45

Mr. Innocent S. Apeh
Vice Consul III (Immigration ) 
, Ext 45


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